Short-list for Critical Discourses contest

The module analyzes the architectural and urban phenomenon of the region through an essay competition addressed to professionals in architecture and those in related cultural fields: philosophy, art, sociology, anthropology.

Following a complex and exciting deliberative process, the jury is pleased to announce the shortlist for Critical Discourses contest. Considering the diversity of subjects and approaches, as well as the overall consistency of the registered papers, the jury decided to extend the number of nominated works to 11. Therefore, the 11 nominated papers will be presented in two public sessions, after which 2 prizes will be awarded for the best theoretical contributions. We invite you to take part at the second stage of Critical Discourses essay contest, which comprises the public presentations of the authors of the nominated works, public discussions with the members of the jury, and several lectures of Keynote speakers: Alberto Pérez-Gómez – President of the jury, Ana Maria Zahariade, Wolf D. Prix, Boris Podrecca, Vladimír Šlapeta. The second stage of the competition will take place between 30th of September and 2nd of October 2016, in Bucharest.

Nominated authors and papers

Composition of the jury

  1. President of the jury: Alberto Pérez-Gómez

  2. Members of the jury

• Luigi Pintacuda, architect, essayist, video artist (winner of the previous edition)

• Marko Sančanin, architect, theorists, journalist

• Ana-Maria Zahariade, Ph.D. Proffesor, «Ion Mincu» University of Architecture and Urban Planning

• Arpad Zachi, editor in chief, Arhitext, Triennale director