Arpad Zachi

Is PhD architect, senior lecturer at the «Ion Mincu» University of Architecture and Urban Planning from Bucharest. He is the editor of Arhitext architecture magazine, since its first issue from 1990. He is as well the editor of the following collections of architecture books: «Arhitext monographs» – 4 volumes, «Archive of Ideas» – 11 volumes, «Arhitext Books» – 6 volumes and the collection «Prospective Nostalgias» – 3 volumes. In the last 6 years he has been the coordinator (producer) of the architecture Festivals: InBetween, Inside / Insight Cultures, Tropisms, Fluencies and of the experimental workshops from Dealu Frumos: Assemblages I and II, Re-Start, Trans-architectures. Arpad Zachi is director of East Centric Architecture Triennale (first edition 2013 – Trans(ap)parencies)