Nominees for each of the five sections

East Centric Awards shows projects of remarkable quality implemented in the past five years in East and Central Europe, in five categories: Residential Buildings, Public Buildings, Interior Design, Exterior Design and Regeneration.

Please find below the results of the first judging stage of the competition.

We invite you to take part in the second stage of ECA Awards, which comprises public presentations of the authors of the nominated works, public discussions with the Members of the jury, and not least, the lecture given by the President of the jury, Dietmar Feichtinger.

The second stage of the competition will take place between 23rd and 25th of September 2016, in Bucharest.

Residential Buildings

  1. Paleko Arch Studija & Plazma Architecture Studio – Housing Development Rasu Namai, Lithuania
  2. Dekleva Gregorič Architects – Compact Karst House, Slovenia
  3. MOLD Architects – Vacation Residence on Serifos Island, Greece
  4. ADNBA – Housing Project in Bucharest, Romania
  5. Turato Architects – Nest and Cave House, Croatia
  6. A.LT Architekti – Family House in Orava, Slovakia

Public Buildings

  1. Radionica arhitekture + Vanja Ilić – Vučedol Culture Museum, Croatia
  2. EAA–Emre Arolat Architecture – Sancaklar Mosque, Turkey
  3. Korodi Szabolcs – Bathing Facility on Tineretului Lake, Romania
  4. Peterhaimerl.Architektur – Concert Hall in Blaibach, Germany
  5. HS99 – Scientific Information Centre and Academic Library, Poland

Interior Design

  1. Kois Associated Architects – Ileana Makri Store, Greece
  2. Zemberek Design – Vigoss R & D Workshop, Turkey
  3. AB Forum – Museum of Archeology. Permanent Exhibition, Croatia
  4. Yunakov Architects – Notting Hill, Ukraine
  5. Ruetemple – Interior for Students, Russia

Exterior Design

  1. Abiro & Studio Akka – Ski Jumps Planica, Slovenia
  2. Ellement – Gahura's Prospect, Czech Republic
  3. Nikiforidis-Cuomo Architects – Redevelopment of the New Waterfront in Thessaloniki, Greece
  4. ŞANALarc – Sishane Park, Turkey
  5. LAAC Architects & Stiefel Kramer Architecture – Eduard-Wallnöfer Platz, Austria


  1. Z-level – Maina. A traditional rental in Mani, Greece
  2. OFIS Architects – Alpine Barn Apartment, Slovenia
  3. Hertl.Architekten – Garden House, Austria
  4. ENOTA – Ptuj Performance Center, Slovenia
  5. A2F Architects – Jonaš Barn, Czech Republic