The jury of Critical Discourses

The competition concludes by bringing together the authors of the most consistent essays to present and discuss their works before an international jury and the public, an event complemented by professional conferences.

President of the jury

architect Alberto Perez-Gomez (Canada)

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Jury members

architect Luigi Pintacuda, winner of the previous edition (Italy)

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Research is a process in continuous movement. The need to constantly prove yourself is closely connected to the need of new exchange process in order to accomplish the main purpose of research: sharing. Critical Discourses Essay Contest is one of the most interesting places for sharing your research with other people working on issues of the same geographic area. East phenomena are very complex and issues are very different one to each other. For this reason, this Contest is an excellent opportunity to share different ideas, visions and knowledge.

architect Marko Sancanin (Croatia)

By now, after an almost century of technological development and brave modernizations, it would be only honest to conclude that architectural discourse has given up its edge to architectural technology. Architectural practice that was firmly grounded on its cultural and social, ideological and symbolic, affective and emotional connotations has given way for pure logic of economic and technological denotations. The contemporary language of «cutting edge» architecture, despite all its technical superiority, is nothing but a porous frontier that is melting before contingent identities of the present citizen. With this open call for critical texts we are hoping to examine this tendency. We seek for practices that bravely dissect and cultivate that fragile frontier. Especially those that see architecture not as fixed technological and economic necessity but an open ended cultural practice.

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architect Arpad Zachi, director of the Triennale (Romania)

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architect Ana-Maria Zahariade

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