EURAU 2016

”Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urban Planning from Bucharest is proud to announce that is organizing the eighth edition of the European Symposium on Research in Architecture and Urban Design to take place between the 28th and 30th of September 2016 in Bucharest.

The main concern of the EURAU is to establish itself as a place of debate and discussion of thematic disciplines of Architecture, Design, City and Town Planning.

The theme of EURAU16 is "In Between Scales"

How can one define in-betweenness in terms of built environments? We want to explore the connections and cracks between the scales of public, comunal and personal appropriation of the (un)built matter and space.We want to inspect the intervals between built and unbuilt (virtual?) objects, between territory and settlements, between settlements and communal built environment, betweeen public and private places and spaces, and between private and intimate spaces.We want to investigate the links – and mutual misunderstandings - between culture of architecture and the culture of the vernacular; between the culture of the object based, top-to-bottom design procedures and the process based, bottom-up design strategies of contemporary parametricism. Also, we want to further elaborate on the mostly unseen and unexplored conceptual territories between social awareness and activism with respect to preservation, housing, and migration.

Keynote Speakers EURAU2016

Arch. Danilo Vespier

Arch. Danilo Vespier, Associate at RPBW Genova – Renzo Piano Building Workshop Genova, most recently author of MUSE Museo delle Scienze, Trento, Italy – among the winners of the 2013 CasaClima Awards

Danilo Vespier directs a design and research activity more and more concentrated on the great confrontations of architecture and urbanism, typical for the current period. His works treats: the suburbs, the urban “voids”, the transformation of the big abandoned industrial areas, the public and social value of the architecture, the sustainability and the energetically efficiency.

These are the main topics that come into discussion for the project of the Le Albere Quarter from Trento, where he is in charge and follows it entirely, from the first conceptual sketches to the complete construction, which ended in summer 2013. In addition of the design activity, Danilo Vespier is dedicated to disseminating and sharing his professional experiences toward academic and professional community. He sustained lecturers at the Faculty of Architecture from Reggio Calabria and at the Faculty of Engineering from Trento.

Arch. Andrei Șerbescu

Arch. Andrei Șerbescu, PhD, Lecturer at UAUIM, partner at ADN Arhitectura București, Shortlisted at Mies van der Rohe 2015 Prize and First prize “Milan Zlokovic” for Best Architectural achievement in the Balkan Region

"While we believe in architecture as a creative gesture, with cultural value and social responsibility, we also acknowledge the sometimes hazardous, and always subjective distinction between such attributes, in a rapidly changing environment as nowadays Romania and the whole of Eastern Europe. The challenges brought by the different scales, the diverse urban and cultural contexts, or the various building types we have worked with so far, have all enriched our experience and understanding of the many-sided nature of our profession. Our practice has achieved critical recognition for both our built projects and our competitions entries, many of which have been awarded in national and international juries. We are currently involved in a diverse body of work, including mostly residential and public projects. In all of these, we strive for a wider and wiser understanding of the city and its evolution, this being also the essential background for our thoughts, hopes and doubts."