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Agora Experiments Module

On Art and Architecture Installations in Service of Community, at Agora Experiments – Associated Project of East Centric Architecture Triennale How would you feel going to the museum to (literally) swing on a boat? What about having your own bubble to spend time with your friends in? How would you feel cooking in open air, in the heart of the city? These are only a few not merely possible but realized installations in public space, created by architects and artists from East and Central Europe and put in service of community. Toward such structures, at the edge between art and archite...

Critical Discourses is starting October 1st

The third week opens the discussions about the discourse that accompanies architecture with the third module of the East Centric Architecture Triennale. Critical Discourses begins with the presentation and the judging of the nominated essays, continues with Alberto Pérez-Gómez and Vladimir Šlapeta conferences and celebrates the winners of the contest at the award gala on Sunday. This module brings together eleven new perspectives on contemporary architecture presented live in front of you, the public and the jury. Critical Discourses module is an act of theoretical and critical analysis of the...

ECA Awards Exhibition

The second week brings forward the second module of the East Centric Architecture Triennale, namely the presentation and the judging of the projects nominated within the Arhitext East Centric Awarding Gala, Friday the 23rd of September 2016 at ARCUB Gabroveni. The exhibition is open everyday between 10:00 - 18:00 until 9th October Arhitext East Centric Awards brings together projects of outstanding quality, representative for the last 5 years of the Central and Eastern Europe`s bustling architectural scene in the search for identity within a worldwide contemporary approach...

Houses with Soul

Opening of the exhibition Sunday 16:00 The exhibition is opened daily until 9th October Grandparents' House The journal of an expedition in search of the grandparents’ house on the Vâlsan Valley The extraordinary adventures and the amazing discoveries belonging to a group of 20 curious and brave young men (architecture, urbanism, landscape architecture, sociology and anthropology students), of 5 excited professors (from both UAUIM – Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape Architecture universities – and the University of Bucharest – Sociology and History colleges) and also of two dedicated gui...

Projects selected for the exhibition

99 projects from 22 countries were selected to be showcased in the main exhibition “Drifting Architecture”, at the 2016 edition of East Centric Architecture Triennale.

Short-list for Critical Discourses contest

The module analyzes the architectural and urban phenomenon of the region through an essay competition addressed to professionals in architecture and those in related cultural fields: philosophy, art, sociology, anthropology.

East Centric Arhitext Awards

Within the triennale, the nominees present their project to the juries, in public sessions, after which the juries designate the winner of each section. The winners are announced in the Award Gala of the East Centric Arhitext Awards.

Awards for Critical Discourses

Awards for critical approach and mentoring in architecture. Researchers-architects Ştefana Grădinaru and Ştefan Cristian Popa and professors Ana Maria Zahariade and Vladimir Šlapeta receive the trophies of the second award gala of East Centric Architecture Triennale 2016. Sunday, October 2nd, 2016, at the National Theatre Bucharest the prizes of East centric Architecture Triennale for Critical Discourses were awarded, together with the honorific awards “Our Teachers”, concluding the third module of the landmark event in Europe. The winners are architect-researchers Ştefana Grădina...

Winners of the East Centric Arhitext Awards 2016

The East Centric Arhitext Awards - ceremony celebrating the best practices in architecture and design from East and Central Europe chose its winners this weekend. Architects from Austria, Croatia, Greece, Romania and Turkey took the trophy of the second edition of ECA Awards. The gala took place Sunday, September 25th 2016 at the National Theatre in Bucharest, Romania in the company of numerous architects and ambassadors. After a thorough analysis of the projects created recently in the region, 26 were selected and exhibited at ARCUB Gabroveni, their authors participated this weekend at the...

«Drifting Architecture» exhibition

Bucharest will be celebrating remarkable architecture during the next 3 weeks as East Centric Triennale 2016 edition has just opened its doors! The main exhibition «Drifting Architecture» is open everyday during 10:00 - 18:00 until 9th October in the Media Hall Lobby at National Theatre Bucharest. Look for the green flags! The second edition of East Centric Architecture Triennale has started this weekend with the opening of the main exhibition, hosted in the National Theater Bucharest and accompanied by conferences held by guests from Japan, Austria and Romania. The Trien...

Statements from President of the Juries and from Triennale's Director

The 2016 East Centric Arhitext Awards contest is representative for the lively architectural scene in Central and Eastern Europe searching for identity within a global contemporary approach.

Agora Experiments special guests

The special guests of the 2016 Agora edition are Sami Rintala and Barbara Holub.

Statement of the President of the Jury

The members of the jury considered each essay independently and made an initial selection in an objective and unbiased form, which was centrally tabulated to determine eleven finalists.