Argument from the curator

Bogdan Ghiu, curator of Drifting Architecture 2016 Exhibition

Drift, drifting: slow, gradual movement / travel, straying movement; to let oneself be carried along, to float aimlessly; to wander / to stray (to walk nonchalantly); to slide / to slip; temporary deposit / sediment; smooth tendency or transition from slow to fast; to take advantage of flows and landscapes, to work with the environment, to insert oneself in the natural-cultural environment, monitoring its currents, trends and tendencies; choreography and acrobatics, performance and performativity, the flow-form Eleatic-Heraclitean paradox, to express, to incite, to release, to unify etc.

A strange word, onomatopoeic hissing of contemporary history itself, immediate expression of its changing gears, thus contributing to a headlong materialization of the surface and deep currents of contemporaneity, and thereby to the expression of the incontrollable processes in which we are engaged, drift or drifting is literally one of the landmark terms of our time. A crosscut term, it expresses us ironically and indisputably. With its help, the largest part of contemporary architecture becomes (again) a symbol and a key to «reading» our contemporaneity. Drifting architecture as an expression of drifting history expresses the paradox of the floating movement controlled from within, much like the seeming passiveness of the surfer who, while identifying with the wave (the trend, the current, the zeal, the process etc.) manages to transform himself, to lend a body to acceleration and energy. Architecture becomes thus an imprint, an apparently informal, chaotic alluvium of the flows and vortices of history. In other words, how to build what is happening.

The exhibition sets out to monitor the declining of all these significances in the recent architecture of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, looking at how the built environment can adjust both temporally, to history, and spatially, in the natural, as well as the cultural environment, in order to express and regulate, by crystallizing them, the feelings and transitions of an era, softening, where necessary and feasible, its too sudden shocks and turns.

Text by Bogdan Ghiu, Curator of Drifting Architecture 2016 Exhibition