Agora Experiments special guests

The special guests of the 2016 Agora edition are Sami Rintala and Barbara Holub.

Sami Rintala, special guest and keynote speaker of the Agora Experiments Collateral Project Sami Rintala (born 1969) is an architect and an artist, with a long merit list after finishing his architect studies in Helsinki Finland 1999. He established architect office Casagrande & Rintala 1998, which produced a series of acknowledged architectural installations around the world during the next five years until 2003. These works combine architecture with critical thinking of society, nature and the real tasks of an architect, all within a cross-over art field using space, light, materials and human body as tools of expression.

Rintala had his first wider recognition in 1999 with the project Land(e)scape: Three abandoned wooden barns were raised on 10 meter high legs to follow their farmers to the cities as a critical comment on the deserting process of the countryside. In Venice Biennale 2000 Sixty Minute Man was realized. A ship sailed to Arsenal with a garden inside. The park was planted on sixty minutes of human waste from the city of Venice, becoming together with the old boat a three dimensional collage of society waste commenting on the Biennale theme ‘less aesthetics, more ethics’.

In 2008, Rintala started a new architect office with Icelandic architect Dagur Eggertsson, called Rintala Eggertsson Architects. The office is based in Oslo, South Norway and Bodø, North Norway. Important part of Rintala’s work is teaching and lecturing in various art and architecture universities. Teaching takes place usually in form of workshops where the students often are challenged to participate the shaping of human environment on a realistic 1:1 situation. Sami Rintala’s work is based on narrative and conceptualism. Resulting work is a layered interpretation of the physical, mental and poetic resources of the site.

The whole body of work is presented at homepage:

Barbara Holub, special guest and keynote speaker of the Agora Experiments Collateral Project

Artist, based in Vienna; studied architecture at the Stuttgart University of Technology / Germany. Founded transparadiso with Paul Rajakovics (architect and urbanist) in 1999, a transdisciplinary practice in between architecture, art, urban design and urban intervention. transparadiso is engaged in developing new urbanistic tools and artistic strategies for „direct urbanism“ as third layer in addition to urban planning and urban design.

Member of the editorial board of dérive_magazine for urban research in Vienna since 2003; member of the Public Arts Committee of Lower Austria 2005–2007; president of the Vienna Secession, 2006–2007. Schindler grant, MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Los Angeles, 2004; Otto-Wagner-Prize for Urban Design, 2007. Member of the advisory board of Art & the Public Sphere Journal (UK) and of WCPUN, New York. Visiting artist, lecturer, University of Applied Arts Vienna (2014–2016); lecturing at the Vienna University of Technology (since 2010).

Recent publications:

Barbara Holub / Paul Rajakovics. „Direct Urbanism“, Verlag für moderne Kunst, 2013 „Planning Unplanned–Can Art Have a Function? Towards a New Function of Art in Society“, eds. Barbara Holub / Christine Hohenbüchler, Verlag für moderne Kunst, 2015

Current projects / exhibitions:

„Waste Value Rising“, Kunsthaus Vienna / Garage, 2016 (curated by Barbara Holub); Design for the Pottenhofen Square / Lower Austria, 2016. / / /