Agora Experiments open call

The Agora Experiments is a series of events aiming to highlight and create a dialogue process starting from recent architecture and experimental art projects created in public spaces form Central and Eastern Europe.

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Agora Experiments aims to showcase and spark debate upon a wide range of recent projects which address, research and test possible solutions for re-activating the public spaces, across East and Central Europe, by means of participatory art and architecture installations / structures.

During the East Centric Architecture Triennale the collateral project Agora Experiments will facilitate a process of live open dialogue and exchanges of unmediated experiences in 3 different lines of dialogue:

1.between local architects of experimental projects in Romania and the creators of similar projects in Central and Eastern Europe.

2.between the vision implemented by these architects at a local level and a global vision expressed by professionals that already have gained experience, on the one hand, in developing public spaces and, on the other hand, in understanding contemporary directions of evolution in the digital age society.

3.between architects and a new type of public consisting of inhabitants, active or possible participants in the actions of public space activation which generates the experimental component in the creation process.

Brought together, these lines of dialogue make the socio-cultural process of regenerating/reshaping public space understandable from different perspectives and (re)activating the lines of dialogue between professionals and the local communities.

The Open Call

Arhitext design Foundation, editor of Arhitext magazine, launches an open call with the aim to co-create a much needed space for accumulation of experiments and experiences in re-thinking and re-activating the public space in direct relation with the current economic, social, cultural, geo-political context. The entries selected at this open-call will be presented as part of the Agora Experiments collateral project of the 2016 East Centric Architecture Triennale. The theme of the Triennale is “Drifting”.

The Agora Experiments open call is addressed to architects, artists and professionals in related fields who design and build experimental participatory projects of architecture / art in one of the 26 countries which are part of the Central and Eastern European region*.

The two sections of the Open Call

• Experiments

Addresses and promotes projects created by architects and artists involved in re-thinking and activating the public space by means of experimental installations / structures / urban designs

• Experiences

Discovers and underlines the cultural and social challenges and issues identified and tackled by creators as part of their process of addressing new ways of shaping the public space by means of experimental projects.

In order to participate in the first section of the open-call (Experiments) each architect/artist/ interdisciplinary team working in Central and Eastern Europe must register one to four projects of experimental architecture projects carried out in the same area.

The second section of the open call (Experiences) is optional and, for those who registered projects for the first section, opens the possibility of participating as guests to one of the two “dialogues in progress” debates. To register for this section you must complete a mini-interview related to your work experience gained during the realization of one of the projects registered in the first section (at the choice of each participant). The mini interview is integrated in the registration form.

Sign up to one or both of these sections by sending the project materials (as specified in the open call regulations) along with the registration form, by June 30th! The complete calendar of the open call as well as the regulations are available bellow.

Events of the Agora Experiments collateral project

• an online exhibition with selected projects within the open call. The exhibition will brings together experimental projects form all over Central and Eastern Europe;

• a series of moments of “exposure” in real space, of the online exhibition. Live and on-the-spot interactions on a given topic that will intertwine in-between other events in the first 3 weeks of the East-Centric Trienale of Architecture (16.09.-02.10.2016);

• 2 “dialogues in progress” – hosted debates that aim to open a dialogue and facilitate a constructive exchange of experiences among professionals and between professionals and citizens. Four professionals selected in the second section of the open-call will become guest speakers in the discussion panels (through video-conference or live presence). The series of “dialogues in progress” will weave together several lines of dialogue in a moderated debate about the role of experimental projects in reshaping public space and the expertise of those who create them, about the challenge of developing spaces valuable for their local history and of rediscovering and responding to the needs of local communities (07.10-09.10.2016);

• 2 conferences by the special guest speakers

Agora Experiments team

Special Guests of the Agora Experiments project: Sami Rintala, Barbara Holub.

Selection board: Arpad Zachi, Andreea-Livia Ivanovici, Mălina Conțu, Ionuț Butu, Vladimir Vinea, Dana Milea, Mihai Zachi (all part of Arhitext magazine editorial board)

Consultants: Alex Axinte, Cristi Borcan (studioBASAR), Dragoș Dascălu

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23rd May 2016 – official launch

30th June 2016 – extended submission deadline

12th July 2016 – announcement of selected submissions (new date) Information for the participants Submit at:

Download here the full regulation of the Agora Experiments open call.

Download here the registration form.


Central and Eastern European countries: Albania, Austria, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine. Agora Experiments is a collateral project of the Triennale financed through Bucharest In-visible City Cultural Program.