Press releases

The participants at the main exhibition

The selection of projects followed a comprehensive critical vision through „Drifting Architecture” theme, while the sections of the main thematic exhibition will provide a 3D journey trough East and Central European architecture.

Critical Discourses contest nominees

From 45 entries and 21 valid essays, 10 authors from 6 countries distinguished themselves with essays on sustainability and spatial matrix, ambivalence of identity, lost paradigms, tradition and nature, nations and narrations.

Agora Experiments open call

Bridging the virtual and the physical world, Agora Experiments emerges as a collateral project of the Triennale, to map the recent architecture in the region and create a network in dialogue of stakeholders of public spaces.

Triennale Open call Drifting Architecture

Envisioned as an X-ray of the architecture in Eastern and Central Europe, this open call responds to the constant need to identify the most recent examples of high quality architecture in the countries of the region.

Critical discourses press release

The essay contest tries to stimulate and promote the critical discourse on architecture as a fundamental necessity, of quality architecture, as well as of communication and dialogue with the general public.

The press kit for the launching of the Triennale

In 2016, the Triennale theme is Drifting, chosen after consultations between the curator Bogdan Ghiu, the curatorial board and the team of consultants, prominent figures in architecture as well as Romanian and international cultural life.