Houses with Soul

The extraordinary adventures and the amazing discoveries belonging to a group of 20 curious and brave young men (architecture, urbanism, landscape architecture, sociology and anthropology students), of 5 excited professors (from both UAUIM – Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape Architecture universities – and the University of Bucharest – Sociology and History colleges) and also of two dedicated guides (from UAUIM and from the National Village Museum) who despite of July 2015’s heat and dryness dared to wonder for about a week through the Vâlsan’s wild valley, its hills covered with a dense shady forest, keeping watch over the valley, uncovering the 9 hidden villages and hamlets, scattered in the clearings and glades from the plateaux which deploy from the flanks and crests of these hills. They could record not one, not two, nor 5 or 7, but over 75 old grandparents’ houses which are original and unaltered by time or human’s intervention. Each house, each household, each annex was photographed, drawn and listed along with their entire inventory. The people we met were asked to tell about their houses and dwellings, those of their neighbours that are no more, to account or to sing what they still recalled of their youth.

This exhibition is free to enter