Dietmar Feichtinger

Drifting – from structure to architecture. Bridges and Buildings

“Our practice is driven by a philosophical approach and an attitude rather than a predeterminated style. As a result it aims to create thoroughly detailed buildings that are intimately connected to context and function. Architecture is not an exact science; it is about protection, well-being and giving shelter. Architecture as a landmark, stable in time and space. We pay very close attention to the structure of our work. The bones of the building. That is what every designer, architects, engineers, should be interested in. Our projects are, in that sense, a stylistic exercise: This is all-revealing architecture, nothing is concealed. Lightness and efficiency in material use are major concerns. This means to propose the most appropriate material in terms of durability and comfort for its specific use. Often our structures are compared with a type of insects, an organism highly adapted to the conditions of its environment reduced to its minimum weight and therefore resistant, adaptable and flexible.”


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