Romanian Chamber of Architects

#Romanian Chamber of Architects

The Chamber of Architects in Romania is a professional organization. By its members’work, the Architects’ Chamber in Romania aims at revealing to the entire society that architecture is an act of culture of public interest, with urban, economical, social and environmental implications.

Among its objectives, the Chamber puts the enhancement of the cultural dimension of the architecture and the strengthening around the premises of the organization and branches of several centers of urban culture; the rise of a public policy and conscience for the built heritage in Romania, acknowledging the valuable architecture as a fundamental condition for the quality of life; the adjustment of education in architecture according to the realities and demands of the socio-economical and cultural environment.

The Chamber of Architects in Romania is dedicated entirely to regulating the profession of architect in regard of ethical values, best practices, high expectations, creativity and academic challenges. The Chamber of Architects undertakes the mission to transform the legal, professional and economic environment to achieve quality and excellence in every complex aspect of architecture.


Address: 19 Arthur Verona St., Bucharest

Phone: (004) 021 317 26 34