Curatorial Board

Bogdan Ghiu


Romanian writer, poet and translator; recipient of several awards, among which: the Award of the Romanian Union of Writers, in 1997, for the poetry volumes “Poemul cu latura de un metru” (Cartea Românească Publishing House, 1996) and “Arta consumului” (Cartea Românească Publishing House, 1996), in 2003 the Award of the Romanian Union of Writers for the translations from Charles Baudelaire, “Inima mea dezvăluită” (Est Publishing House, 2002) and Henri Bergson, “Energia spirituală” (Meridiane Publishing House, 2002) and in 2004 the “Cultural Merit” order in the rank of chevalier bestowed by the president of Romania; curator of the 2011 Fluencies exhibition.

Arpad Zachi


Is PhD architect, senior lecturer at the «Ion Mincu» University of Architecture and Urban Planning from Bucharest. He is the editor of Arhitext architecture magazine, since its first issue from 1990. He is as well the editor of the following collections of architecture books: «Arhitext monographs» – 4 volumes, «Archive of Ideas» – 11 volumes, «Arhitext Books» – 6 volumes and the collection «Prospective Nostalgias» – 3 volumes. In the last 6 years he has been the coordinator (producer) of the architecture Festivals: InBetween, Inside / Insight Cultures, Tropisms, Fluencies and of the experimental workshops from Dealu Frumos: Assemblages I and II, Re-Start, Trans-architectures. Arpad Zachi is director of East Centric Architecture Triennale (first edition 2013 – Trans(ap)parencies)

Mihai Pienescu


Born in Bucharest, in 1952. Studied architecture and urban planning at the «Ion Mincu» University of Architecture and Urban Planning (back then entitled Architecture Institute) in Bucharest – the Adrian Panaitescu and Constantin Iotzu studios, He obtained his university degree in June 1978. Participant in the DEA Cycle «Le projet architectural et urbain» – l’Ecole d’Architecture Paris-Belville, 1993–1994. In March 1990 established in Bucharest, together with Cristina Ene, the «AD5+» architecture agency. From September 1990 he has carried out his professional activity in France. Since March 1995, he has had his own architecture studio «AAA» – atelier d’architecture et d’aménagement – Paris. He is the author and co-author of more than 60 projects and buildings constructed in Romania, France, Liban, Finland, Great Britain, Germany. Member of UAR and OAR – Bucharest subsidiary (Romania), OA–IDF (France). Co-founder of Arhitext magazine (Bucharest, March 1990). Published articles in magazines such as Arhitectura, Arhitext, Arta, Alternativa, Observatorul Cultural, Respiro. Contributions to «Lexicon de arhitectură și construcții», Editura Tehnică, Bucharest, 1980–1982.

Andreea-Livia Ivanovici

livia_ivanovici_agora_experiments_curatorial_board.jpg Architect, editor of Arhitext magazine, curator for two national architecture exhibitions organized by Arhitext design Foundation; has collaborated with Studio Basar and curator Alina Şerban in the achievement of Romania’s Pavilion for the 53rd edition of the Venice Art Biennial; a member of the curatorial board of the 2011 Fluencies exhibition and editor of the same name catalogue.

Mălina Conţu


Mălina Conţu is an art and architecture historian and theorist, and PhD at the National University of Arts in Bucharest since 2012, participating in various national and international programs and projects which involve analytical discourse in the visual arts and architecture fields. She is an Assistant Professor at Bucharest University, Art History Department, where she teaches four courses on the history of art and architecture. Curator at the National Museum of Art of Romania, European Art Department, she is in charge of the research of the European painting patrimony, participating in or coordinating the organization of temporary exhibitions on various themes. She is an associate editor of Clipa ansConfesiuni magazines, where she writes analytical articles on contemporary art. In the broad context of her preoccupations, architecture plays a major role, forming the basis of her activity as associate editor of Arhitext magazine, where she has coordinated various thematic issues for more than 12 years, has contributed articles on architectural theory and has analyzed various architectural issues, activity which has enabled her to monitor the Romanian and international architectural phenomenon. Together with the Arhitext team, she has participated in the organization of events, exhibitions and critical discussions on architecture and has elaborated the Fluencies exhibition and catalogue.

She was member of the curatorial team of the “Fluente” architecture international exhibition in 2011 and also the 1st edition of the “Trans(a)parenţe” East Centric architecture Triennale in 2013, organized by Arhitext Design Foundation.

Ionuţ Butu

ionut_butu_agora_experiments_curatorial_board.jpg Born 1985, Ionuţ Butu graduated the «Ion Mincu» University of Architecture and Urbanism in 2011 with a thesis focusing on the meaning of ruin and alternative restoration of place. He began his editorial activity with a series of critical presentations of contemporary British projects, directly experienced and photographed (Arhitext review, 2008–2010). Since 2008, he has been associate editor of Arhitext review, where he has coordinated and edited over 15 issues. He has coordinated or co-edited several architecture books, including «The Evolution of Bucharest», «Vittorio Gregotti. The Passionate Reasoning» or «Trans(ap)parencies». He has been involved in East Centric Architecture Triennale as member of the curatorial board since its first edition (2011, «Fluencies» pilot edition, Timişoara). He has also been involved in the preparation and itineration of «Rintala Eggertson Architects» exhibition. Since 2014 he is co-owner of ASKESIS Workshop for Architecture, focusing mainly on interior design, residential projects and religious architecture.

Ionuţ Butu is currently project manager at Arhitext design Foundation and partner architect at ASKESIS WfA.

Vladimir Vinea


Architect, graduate of the «Ion Mincu» University of Architecture and Urbanism from Bucharest; he holds a Ph.D. in architecture with the study "Visions of Modernity in the Discourses of Romanian Architects, after 1989". Lecturer at «Ion Mincu» University, Design Fundamentals Department, member of the research team ACUM – Public Space and the Social Reinsertion of the Architectural and Artistic Project (coordinated by Ph.D. Prof. arch. Ana Maria Zahariade), within which he has published several studies. Curator of the «Bucharest: The Line of Flight’s Capital» exhibition, organized by Arhitext design Foundation in 2015 and collaborator of Arhitext review.

Dana Milea


Urban planner, associate editor of Arhitext magazine, associate teaching assistant and PhD candidate in urban planning at «Ion Mincu» University of Architecture and Urban Planning (Bucharest).

Mihai Zachi


Urban planner, associate editor of Arhitext magazine, associate teaching assistant and PhD candidate in urban planning at «Ion Mincu» University of Architecture and Urban Planning (Bucharest).