Gheorghe Bulat

Gheorghe Bulat, architect (Republic of Moldavia)

Born at November the 25th
, 1951 in Ghidighici, Straseni district in the Soviet Social
Republic of Moldova, part of USSR, son of Michael and Maria; presently, Gheorghe
Bulat lives in the Republic of Moldova, in the city of Chisinau. He is a Moldovan
citizen with Romanian nationality and also an orthodox. He is married.
Gheorghe Bulat graduated from the Faculty of Town Planning and Architecture of
the Polytechnic Institute in Chisinau, SSR of Moldova, USSR. In 1969, he graduated
from college in Ghidighici.
Between August and December 1969, he worked at the Zorile shoe factory in
Chisinau, as a worker. Between May, 1070 and June, 1972, he was enrolled in the
Soviet Army for the compulsory military service.


Other milestones:
1972 – Ministry of Culture, workshops for trainers in painting
1973 – 1976 Trainer in painting, the Experimental Workshop in Advertising
1980 – 1982 SSR of Moldova Science Academy, superior researcher
1982 – 1987 The Polytechnic Institute in Chisinau, Faculty of Town Planning and
Architecture, student
1987 – 2002 Project Chisinau Institute of Design, architect, project chief architect
2001 – 2003 Ministry of Culture (by transfer), Chief of Department, Cultural Heritage
and Restorations
2003 – 2005 SC “Axis Mundi” SRL, chief architect
2005 – present SC “ARHSTUDIOCUB”, chief architect
1996 – The Civic Merit
2002 – National Price in literature, arts and architecture
Designing religious establishments (churches in Chisinau), restorations, dwellings,
and social architecture are among his numerous projects. In 2002, a received the
national architecture award. Along his career, he participated in numerous
competitions and architecture exhibitions, both national and international.

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